Hi guys!

My name is Sandi, just wanted to share my story with you here...After working in Vancouver as a Paramedic for a decade I sustained an injury on the job which ended my career. I spent the next few years trying to make ends meet from different sources and taking courses all while raising my 2 sons.

It was a VERY trying time for me and to be honest...I was lost. Thankfully my Dad had taught me ALL my life to have a great attitude and smile...I think this is what got me through...however, it did not pay the bills...YET. To add to all this I had started seeing my now husband again after 27 years....so now I was lost AND busy with my long distance relationship for more than 3 years.

Just as I was getting ready to move 10 hours away to make a fresh start, he had a heart attack...at the age of 50, Okay now what?

This is when I WOKE up. I got serious and started digging into more courses, bettering myself, taking action and trying to move myself forward....now my WHY just got a little bigger..you see, it has always been about leaving a wonderful legacy for my boys, but now I wanted to add helping my husband...helping him go through his PTSD, helping with the accumulated debt that had started years before, help him dust off his dreams and put a smile back on his face...I was DETERMINED. 

I very quickly realized that the employment sector was NOT going to be the place to look for this help to push us forward. I did indeed find something incredible but still needed something to fill in those gaps, do you know what I mean? 

I landed on a link on a friend's facebook page, watched a video, and saw somebody share their story and I was IN...something just clicked.

I learned how they got out of their situation and what they did to take control of it. This inspired me to take ACTION...

Fast forward to today...I made a decision, I took action and now here I am sharing this with you. 

I am SO excited to have found a way to continue my legacy for my boys but also eliminate my husbands stress...now if you could see him walking in the door...he has his smile back, he IS dreaming again...life is not perfect guys, but I'm so glad I'm not where I used to be....Time to start enjoying our lives!
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Sandi Sketchley